Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Annual HOA Meeting

The annual meeting of the homeowners association is this Thursday, April 23rd, at 7pm at the pool. Please make arrangements to attend.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We know that it may not look like it from the outside, but many improvements to the pool and common area have already been made this season, and more (and more visible) changes are yet to come.  

We have had new aluminun facia and soffett facing put on the buildings.  We have installed a new ventilation fan in the pump house to help with the chlorine fumes.  We have replaced the stolen clock and thermometer.  The leaking hose bib has been replaced and a new door has been installed on the pump house.  The sprinkler timer was malfunctioning and has not only been replaced but also relocated to move it away from the chlorine fumes (they damage electronics).  Several sprinkler line repairs have been made.  Several bushes have been removed in anticipation of the upcoming landscaping.  The broken light on the fence has been fixed.  Additional chairs have been bought for the pool deck.  And, one of our most expensive repairs this season - a new pool filter has been installed.  

We have also put in our order for a whole bunch of new trees along the perimeter of the property, and they will be planted later this fall.   The landscaping of the pool and fence area will begin soon, and we are looking at options for removing the wall at the front of the common area and replacing it with an updated entrance sign.  

If you notice other repairs that need to be made, or have other suggestions for improvements, we would love to hear from you.  You can contact the association members or send an email to cimarronestateshoa@yahoo.com.


Landscaping is in the works and we hope that work will begin very soon.  We have been told by the landscaper that he is going to try to start our project about the third week of August.   

The Lawn

So, the lawn is finally green again...

As many of you noticed, we experienced some problems with the sprinklers.  Turns out our sprinkler timer wasn't reacting too well to the chlorine fumes in the pump house and had decided to go a little haywire.  Cory has replaced the timer for us and has now located it away from the chlorine fumes.  With a little persuasion the grass has greened up quite nicely. 

We also had nearly 15ft of sprinkler pipe that was damaged and had to be replaced.  A huge thank you to our president, Cory, who spent a full Saturday in the hot sun making repairs!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Neighborhood BBQ

We will be holding a neighborhood BBQ and pool party this Saturday, July 12, from 6-8pm at the pool and common area.  Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided.  Please bring a salad or dessert to share.  And be sure to bring a blanket or lawn chairs for seating!

Because of the occupancy limit on the pool and the number of homeowners in our associations, we ask that you do not bring guests with you to this event.  Also, please no large pool toys or floats.

Dues Increase

Because of the weekly lawn maintenance which is now being taken care of by a professional company, and the needed landscaping and the reserve account, the decision has been made to increase dues.  This was not an easy decision, but was a necessary one.  Dues will increase from $15/mth to $20/mth effective immediately. 

If you have paid the $180 already for your pool key, the monthly dues will be charged to that $180 credit on your account until it is used up (which will be January 2009).  So in February 2009 you will begin receiving monthly invoices for the $20 dues until the remaining $60 difference is paid (May 2009).  Or you can choose to just send us the additional $60 before then if you would rather not get the monthly invoices.

If you have not paid the year in advance, you will receive an invoice each month for the $20.

We encourage you to please plan ahead, as those homeowners desiring a pool key for next summer will need to pay the entire $240 up front in June 2009.  

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Pool Rules from County Health Department

We have just received word from the county health department - the proposed rule changes outlined in the recent HOA newsletter have now been officially adopted and are in force for every public pool in the county (including ours).  

SO - that means, absolutely NO children under 3 in the pool without swim diapers AND rubber pants that touch the body at both the legs and the waist.

Also, NO changing diapers at the side of the pool or on the pool deck - please use the wooden bench or a towel on the grassy area.

If you are at the pool and there is an accident involving fecal matter contaminating the pool water, please contact our CPO (Certified Pool Operator), Cheryl Glassett, immediately so that she can begin cleanup protocol.  Her number will be posted on the pump house door.